The Royal Dessert “Mithai”

The Royal Dessert “Mithai”

Mughal cuisine is very rich and diverse and is known for aromatic and delectable desserts “Mithai”.

The Mughal Emperors were fond of fruits and desserts, one of their favorites was mango, and there are many interesting stories to it.

Akbar built the vast Lakhi Bagh near Darbhanga, growing over a hundred thousand mango trees. This was one of the earliest examples of the grafting of mangoes, including the Totapuri, the Rataul and the expensive Kesar.

Shah Jahan’s fondness for mangoes was so deep that he had his own son, Aurangzeb, punished and placed under house arrest because the latter kept all the mangoes in the palace for himself!

The Mughal Emperors hold an important place in the cultural heritage of India, and it is of essence that historical efficacy is preserved and depicted with our cooking accuracy.

We at Yakhni will take you through the journey of rich and indulgent desserts that reminds you of regal delicacies. Made with flour, milk, fruits, vegetables, spices, essence and fruit syrups, these desserts have been loved and longed for by generations through centuries. Try out from these delectable list of amazing desserts “ Mithai” !

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