The Royal Cooking Chronicle

The Royal Cooking Chronicle


Akbar being one of the most revolutionary and impactful as he could be. It was during The Emperor-Akbar’s reign that Mughal cuisine truly began evolving. Thanks to his many marital alliances, his cooks came from all corners of India and fused their cooking styles with Persian flavors.

 Royal chef’s innovated and introduced unique, elaborate and delicious dishes in Mughal Royal kitchen. The Emperor Akbar has greatly influenced Royal Cuisine and the gastronomical landscape of India. When Kashmir was annexed by Akbar in 1586 and it was he who first set the trends in the local culture, and religion. Akbar was an aficionado to good things and he carried over the Persian recipe of cooking meat in yoghurt based gravies to create the signature Yakhni recipe.

It was his grandson Shahajahan’s beautiful wife “Mumtaz Mahal” contributed to the popularity of Mughal cuisine.

An interesting story which traces the origins of “Yakhni Pulao” is that when “Mumtaz Mahal”once visited the army barracks and found the army personnel under-nourished, she ordered the chef to prepare a nourishing dish, which provided balanced nutrition in the right proportion, and thus the Yakhni Pulao was created.

Pilaf or Pulao is said to be derived from the Sanskrit word “ Pulaka”…. Yakhni refers to a light curry or broth which includes two main ingredients other than Meat “Yoghurt and Saffron” (Kesar)

The term ‘yakhni’ is a derivative from AKHNI which means broth or soup.

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