The Dal Makhani

The Dal Makhani

Origin of Dal Makhani goes back to Pre-Independent era, which was made in western part of Punjab by Peshawaris now in Pakistan. The Peshawaris sold Dal Makhani with flat unleavened bread called “Roti’s” in Peshawar dhabas. When the Peshawaris came across the border after partition they bought Dal Makhani with them. It was made with whole Urad Dal and it simmered in a clay pot “Handi” for long stretch of time.

It is also known as “Maash Ki Dal” in Sanskrit and Maa ki Dal in the vernacular. The other version of this Dal which was more popular in East Punjab and Lahore, It has red kidney beans “Rajmah”and split gram pulses known as Chana Dal. Addition of these two adds certain character and thickness to the dish.

The legacy of Dal Makhani is created by Mr Kundal Lal Gujral Owner of famous “Motimahal Chain of Restaurants” He was the man behind the popularity of Tandoori style of cooking in Daryaganj and to the world. He introduced world famous “Butter Chicken” to food lovers and later he incorporated same Makhani Gravy in to the Dal of his ancestors.

We at Yakhani make Chronicle of Dal Makhani, There is no blending of different lentils. Our Dal gets its taste and viscosity from 12Hrs -15Hrs of slow cooking and Desi Ghee, It simmers in the clay pot all night. Our unique cooking process that sets it apart.

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