The Chaat Story

The Chaat Story


There are those who say the word chaat originated from its literal meaning ‘to lick’. It was so delicious that people licked their fingers and the bowl made of peepal leaves, called donas, in which it is often served. Others think it originated from the term chatpati.

Now the big question, who exactly invented chaat? With many stories revolving around this concept, we narrowed down our trivia to the most interesting one.

Apparently, chaat was created in the royal kitchen of Mughal emperor Shahjahan’s palace , in the 16th Century, there was an outbreak of cholera. Desperate attempts were made to control it by physicians and sorcerers. One remedy suggested was to make food with loads of spices so that it would kill the bacteria within.

Thus was born the spicy tangy chaat, which the entire populace of Delhi is believed to have consumed. A slight variant attributes it to the court physician called Hakim Ali, who realised that the foul water in a defunct local canal could result in serious water-borne diseases and thought the only way to prevent it was to add a liberal dose of spices — tamarind, red chillies, coriander, mint etc to the food. Hence, the food came to be called chatpati (tangy).

Yakhni makes it Awesome

Chaat is a word which every Indian loves it. some are these chaat’s are so unique that you wouldn’t find them anywhere else except their place of its origin where they have been perfected over generations. Our Master chef travelled across India to understand the uniqueness and learn this craftmanship of making these delicious chaat’s.

Our Chaat’s have multifold layers of complex flavours {sweet-spicy-tangy-savoury} packed in one dish, gives us “The chaats ” its true meaning. It’s simply irresistible and it’s a pity not to taste one.



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