Our core philosophy at “Yakhni” is to preserve and entice authentic royal cuisine and serve it to the modern world.

We are committed to serve ancient cuisine in modern style filled with flavors and aroma that is authentic and versatile. We at Yakhani use all handpicked spices from different parts of India, and follow stringent vegetables and meat procurement SOP’s, so all our dishes goes out of the kitchen remainsauthentic and our guests gets the best of each dish served.

We at Yakhni take our social responsibility as a business very stringently, Yakhni uses world class modern technologies and procedures to channel our food delivery mechanism through our web portal and ODP (Online Delivery Partners), we follow best hygiene and cleanliness practices to make our guests feel comfortable and safe while ordering food. We are committed to establish Yakhni as a global chain that serves ancient food with modern touch.

We constantly innovate and understand our social corporate responsibility towards a better society and committed to provide employment to local and rural farmers, to cut middle men all our meat, poultry and vegetables we directly procure from farmers and producers.To promote local handicraft and craftsmanship all our clay pots is procured from local potters.

In these uncertain times we as an organization understand environmental and health consequences and committed to Gogreen initiative. We are proud to serve Indian delicious flavors from ancient royal kitchen to the modern world.

They say, “The journey to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Get ready for the most exciting journey of ancient cooking heritage with “Yakhni: The Ancient Tale”

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