Royal QC Mechanism

Royal QC Mechanism

As an Emperor of any part of the world at any given time usually means one thing — lot of enemies. And the same was with the Mughals. For instance, during a feast, “an abrupt, violent spasm of nausea was choking Babur, as he began to vomit in convulsions of agony and retching. When it was founded that Emperor had been poisoned, a number of culinary processes were commissioned that continued down to Akbar’s reign and the subsequent mughal reign.

The royal kitchen daily menu was designed by The Hakim (royal physician, making sure to include medicinally beneficial ingredients. And an elaborate chain of command accompanied the food to the table. Royal kitchen housed “A Head cook, Treasurer, Storekeepers, Clerks, Food Tasters, and more than 400 cooks from all over India and Persia. Food was served in stone and earthenware dishes, tied in cloths.

When it came to serving the food, there was a quality control mechanism in place, the cooks and The Bakawals tasted the dishes, after which the Mir-Bakawal (Chief Chef) attached “his seal to them while a clerk made an inventory of the vessels sent to the royal dining room. This was a precaution to guard against the dish being changed on the way.” The kitchen staffs were escorted all the way, and a tablecloth was spread out on a carpeted floor on which the food was placed. “Even bread, pickle and other savories were sent sealed in bags. When the seals were opened, The Mir-Bakawal tasted the food again before the emperor began his meal.

We at Yakhni follow stringent quality control as followed by Royal Kitchen: All the clay pots and packaging boxes, pouches, dip bawls, carry bags are properly sanitized. Each one of our packaging material goes through strict quality check points. All our packaging boxes, carry bags are eco-friendly, each one of them are handmade with recyclable biodegradable waste materials. It’s our commitment towards Gogreen initiative.

All our packaging materials goes through Anti-Bacterial test, Edge Crush Test, Bursting Strength Test, Puncture Resistance Test, Compression Testing, Food Packaging Seal Integrity Testing, and Reduced Pressure Tests. Each dish is stamped by QC Team with date of preparation on the dish before going out of the kitchen.

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