Gourmet services

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Booking Gourmet Service is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.


    Yakhni Gourmet team is well groomed, has professional training in their respective field. Their knowledge ranges from formal serving protocol and event management to personnel management and fundamental hospitality skills required to cater HNI’S. Our team understands the importance of flawless social etiquette, privacy, confidentiality, and problem solving.

    Host a grand celebration with panache. Our chefs, Waiters and Bartenders are handpicked by Yakhni experts, and are masters of their crafts with a fine sense and understanding of the occasion, shall cater to your every party need, and serve with élan. While our master-chefs cooks like a dream and whip up Indian fusion cuisines, with minimal fuss and effort. Our staff is the embodiment of courtesy, discretion, and etiquette.


    Gourmet services

    Be it a small gathering with your friends or family, or a celebration for a special occasion, Yakhni Gourmet team is just a call away to make your experience memorable.


    On Call

    • No minimum guarantee required for Gourmet services.
    • Our serving team will bring along crockery,cutlery and glassware if required as per the pre-specified details shared by you.
    • Rs 100/per head for crockery, cutlery and glassware.
    • Bar setup cost extra.
    • Rs 100/per head for bar setup excluding alcohol/Syrups/Condiments/Fresh Items
    • Rs 999 AI Per Yakhni gourmet serving staff and bartender.
    • Please make prior reservations to book Gourmet services.  

    Yakhni Infinity

    Be a Infinity member, we’re offering 30% flat discount, free in house Gourmet service complimentary “The Royal Dessert Mithai” with each order. Call our Yakhni Warriors  on +91- 98101 75170 for more information.