Garnishing At Yakhni Kitchen

Garnishing At Yakhni Kitchen

At Yakhni all our garnishes used for the decoration of dishes is inspired from, A true aesthete by nature, Nur Jahan “Emperor Jehangir’s 12th wife” An enormously powerful figure at the royal court, she used several secret herbs and spices to create her legendary desserts, rainbow-colored yoghurt and dishes for The Royal Kitchen decorated with pretty patterns of rice powder glaze, flowers and candied fruit peels!

We at Yakhni All our dishes are garnished with edible flowers and foils of precious metals like gold and silver. We use edible flowers such as Rose (controls anxiety and promotes relaxation) Hibiscus (control blood pressure and cholesterol) Lavender (creates calming effects) Chamomile (Improves sleep quality) Jasmine (Helps to control Diabetes, maintains heart rate)

At Yakhni we use ancient method of cooking and serving food in Earthen pots, to inculcate natural minerals and many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and sulfur to food, which are extremely beneficial to our body. The petrichor of aroma you get in our dishes after being cooked in an earthen pot is unassailable. After each dish is prepared, the pots are tied with a Hand woven cotton cloth and a Rajasthani thread and afterwards each pot is stamped by Sous Chef QC Team to ensure that only impeccable quality is delivered to our valued customers.

Our clay pots are handmade with 100% lead-free unglazed clay, Tested to be non-toxic, Arsenic free, Cadmium free, No artificial colors are used – does not harm your health and environment in any way.

it was Emperor Babur who inducted earthen pots in Royal Kitchen. as earlier the earthen pots were only used by cooks during war times as they were primarily attuned to war campaign diets and used simple grilling techniques.

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