Be a franchise of Yakhni The Ancient Tale

The vision of Yakhni The Ancient Tale is to spread our unique cultural diversity and historical legacy to each corner of this world. We started Yakhni with a vision to create a global brand, Without any boundaries, Yakhni is now spreading the wings made of our guest’s love and affection.

Our dedicated team will help all our Franchise partners of yakhi to achieve massive margins and impeccable growth every year. It’s super easy to start a journey with a tested, tried, and high ROI-driven business model. 

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What we offer ?

  • Due-diligence and identify locations for projects.
  • Dedicated in house team for complete designing and layout for upcoming projects.
  • Dedicated liasioning team to help you in procurement of license and Government clearance for projects.
  • Dedicated centralized team for vendor mechanism. 
  • Dedicated team for formulation of sales and marketing strategies.  
  • Dedicated sales and marketing team to draw strategies to boost sales, and data mining for specific geo locations. 
  • Budgeting for entire year of revenue as per current market trends. 
  • Open communication with each team member on company vision and objectives.
  • Designing training and SOP modules for smooth operations.
  • Keeping and open communication channel with our franchise partners and implement their views into action.
  • Risk management to minimize cost and save daily operational expenses from unseen losses. 
  • Ensure company’s core ethics and morale embedded deep within each team members. 
  • Drive revenue for each outlet to increase profitability. 
  • Setting up Food & Beverage Control mechanism. 
  • Dedicated Research and Development department for franchise kitchen and Outlets.  
  • Periodical and yearly financial and QC audits. 
  • Help maintaining ratings and increase visibility on all social, print and electronic media platforms.
  • Take the first step today to become a part of the “Yakhni The Ancient Tale” family.